Dr. Hiroshi Uechi

Hiroshi Uechi, PhD in theoretical nuclear physics ; nuclear astrophysics (nuclear matter and neutron stars), nuclear many-body theory and theory of nuclear fission.

He obtained his doctoral degree in nuclear physics (theoretical nuclear physics) from Indiana University, USA, under the guidance of Professor Brian D. Serot who founded the nuclear field theory, quantum hadrodynamics (QHD) with Professor John D. Walecka. Currently, he has been working on nuclear many-body theory and nuclear astrophysics, and he is a professor at Osaka Gakuin University, General Education Division, Department of Commerce.

He has been investigating self-consistent quantum hadronic models and approximations in terms of the concept of thermodynamic consistency, which unifies Landau’s Fermi-liquid theory and density functional theory (DFT), while applying QHD nonlinear and chiral effective models to neutron star calculations. He is working on nonlinear mean-field and chiral mean-field method for nuclear matter, self-consistent Hartree-Fock and other approximations beyond mean-field approximations.